The Value of Esbrook P.C.

One of Esbrook P.C.’s core principles is to provide significant value to its clients. We understand that billable rates for elite litigators have risen dramatically making it untenable to retain elite litigators in all but the very highest dollar matters. Esbrook P.C. bucks that trend by providing value-based fee structures that are responsive to our client’s needs and align our interests with our clients’ interests.

Hourly Rates

We recognize that hourly rates may be the most appropriate fee structure for a particular matter or may be the preferred structure for our clients for various business reasons. We offer hourly rates that are provide value to our clients and that are significantly lower than other elite litigation firms.

Fixed Fees and Flat Fees

Certainty of litigation costs is of paramount importance to a number of our clients. We understand that law departments and business units suffer when law firms over-promise in their litigation budgets and then exceed those budgets, often without notice. We offer fixed fees tied to various benchmarks like monthly fixed fees, fixed fees through discovery or Summary Judgment, fixed fees per project or action item to provide the predictability that our clients need.

Discounted Rates/Fees With Success Contingency

We believe that success for our client is success for our firm. One of the ways to provide value to our clients and align our interests is to offer a discounted rate plus a “success” contingency fee such that we share in the risk with our client. This can take the form of a discounted hourly rate or a fixed fee plus additional payments contingent upon successful resolution of our client’s case. Our clients often time find this option as an attractive way to mitigate the downside risk associated with the cost of litigation while maintain the potential for upside.

Pure Contingency Fee

Often times there are cases that a client wants to pursue but does not want to spend the associated litigation fees or incur any downside risk associated with the litigation. Esbrook P.C. works with clients to enter into pure contingency fee arrangements where we will pursue the case without charging litigation fees in exchange for a percentage of recovery. This removes the downside risk that provides the impediment to litigation for our clients while giving them the upside of potential recovery.