Beyond State and National Borders

The business that corporations engage in is not bound by state borders, and neither are the issues they face in litigation. Corporations increasingly interact with international supply chains, customers, and counter-parties. When disputes arise in this context, the issues can be complex and involve jurisdictions outside of the United States.

Esbrook P.C. has experience litigating the most complex transnational issues in jurisdictions spanning the globe. We provide advice in this context throughout the entire business life-cycle. When contracting with international parties, we provide advice on the jurisdictions and law to choose to best protect our client’s rights.

If litigation arises, we have experience in pursuing our client’s rights in international arbitrations as well as foreign courts. Sometimes, client’s face litigation at the same time, regarding the same core issues, in different venues throughout the world. In such cases, we have experience coordinating cases across venues to best achieve the desired outcome.

Once litigation is over, we have experience enforcing and collecting on foreign judgments, or domestic judgments against foreign parties.