A Unique Understanding

Companies faced with class actions turn to Esbrook P.C. for of its depth of experience, creative thinking, and its real-world skill in resolving the most complex matters. A comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of class action litigation is necessary to mount the kind of defense needed to win early and efficiently. Esbrook P.C. understands the procedural and litigation dynamics unique to class actions.

Esbrook P.C. has experience across industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Products
  • Chemicals
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Land Owners

Often, class actions arise in the toxic tort or products liability context. Esbrook P.C. has a particular focus in these areas. We have handled some of the most high-profile and complicated cases in the country ranging from groundwater contamination to, chemical exposure, and faulty automobile components.

These types of cases begin and end in the science, and Esbrook P.C. has the skills to find and work with the leading scientific experts in the world. We have worked with leading experts in toxicology, engineering, epidemiology, economics, among others.

We pride ourselves on having productive relationships with leading plaintiffs’ class action attorneys in the country, which provides our clients benefits in a wide array of context from negotiating discovery issues through settlement or trial. The plaintiffs’ bar understands that Esbrook P.C. cannot be strong-armed into settlements that do not benefit its clients and that Esbrook P.C. will not fall into the traps that the Plaintiffs’ bar typically set.

Esbrook P.C. understands that successful resolution of claims, in the most efficient manner, is the ultimate goal. We do not litigate for the sake of litigation. Instead, we identify our client’s optimum case strategy at the outset and pursue it with a singular focus.