Gina is devoted to her clients and aims to provide creative solutions to achieve their goals. She has experience with civil litigation and policy work, having served as a Congressional Policy Fellow.

Pre-law, Gina worked and studied as a research scientist in preclinical and clinical research and understands the complexities of protecting intellectual property as well as FDA and USDA regulations. She also completed two years of medical school and has hands-on surgical and internal medicine experience as well as a deep understanding of medical billing and coding.

During her time in law school, Gina competed in national competitions with the Moot Court Honors Society at Chicago-Kent College of Law. She also was an editor for the Chicago-Kent Law Review.

Gina joined Esbrook P.C. in April 2024. In her free time, she can be found spending time with her family, dogs, and cat. Gina also enjoys volunteering in the community and running.

Medical Publications
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Legal Publications
  • Qualter G and Andrew L, It’s Not Rocket Science: Graduate Students Are Employees, Chicago-Kent Law Review, (2020)