Environmental Liability Issues

Companies often find themselves faced with prospect of substantial liability arising out of environmental issues—whether through acquisition, legacy operations, or even current operations. Esbrook P.C. works with companies to understand the complex legal and regulatory landscape of environmental law and creates strategies to defeat or mitigate potential threats. We have extensive experience litigating against the EPA, NOAA, NRD Trustees, state agencies and municipalities, as well as going to toe-to-toe with the country’s most sophisticated counsel representing landowners and other private plaintiffs.

Environmental litigation often involves multiple private parties and governmental entities, each with unique incentives. Our philosophy is to aggressively advocate for our client’s rights with adversaries while attempting to build consensus among parties with complimentary incentives. We have successfully defended clients in matters ranging from CERCLA and OPA suits to USTs/LUSTs and groundwater contamination. We defended against mass tort and class action claims based on a wide variety of environmental issues, as well as pursuing insurance coverage to pay for remediating contamination.

We have experience in many areas of environmental law including:

  • OPA
  • CERLCA/Superfund
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Groundwater and Drinking Water Contamination
  • Chemical and Petroleum Releases
  • Sale or Purchase of Contaminated Properties
  • Wetlands Issues
  • Erosion and Land Loss
  • Mass Tort and Toxic Tort